Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family Stuff

Without going into details, there's some family stuff going on. Which means I'm not going to have a bunch of time to work on BCS for a little while, and when I do there's a good chance I just won't be up for it.

But I'd like to post up another sneak peak of the new look. Yep, those of you watching this blog will have ruined the surprise, but it's fun. :P

I'm not entirely sure how exactly I plan to do things yet...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Recode in progress

Don't worry, there's no plans to leave things like this. Just some quick graphics done in paint to make sure all the coding works as it should.

Sneak Peak

While you wait, I'd like to share a quick look at a few things I've hexed recently. I'm moderately sure these will be the Featured clothes when I get things up and running properly.

I totally have my own laptop now, which makes working on updates so much easier. Oh, and while you're here... Go to the website on Jesse's shirt. Do it, you know you want to... ;)

Unexpected Downtime

Currently BCS is down. I blame it on unreliable free servers. One of these days I will simply have to buy a domain name. Until then, however, we must deal with these kind of things. I have started this blog so I can give updates as to the status.

Currently I am using this unexpected down time to completely re code the entire site. Yes, that's right. I'm cleaning things up and hopefully making it easier on me come update time. I'm switching to a php based system, which should hopefully make things a million times easier. You know, beyond the initial coding.

1) Finish site reorganization and coding
2) Create a new look. Might as well, right? lol
3) Do some tests on some free servers and see what might work out
4) Upload everything
5) Get the word out that I've moved...again.